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You Can Do It

You Can Do It.

Simple words right. One would think.

Just Do It. That is more like it. A brand. The Swoosh. Clever slogans. An assumption?

Of course, the assumption that you know you can do it. So…. Just Do It.

Does everyone know that they can though? And “just” is a four-letter word, but it can be more complicated than that.

I had a recent interaction with a parent at one of our recent events that caught me off guard.

Know the Truth has partnered with 3 Anoka County agencies to bring awareness to the community on the growing heroin issue and how prescription opiates are acting as a gateway drug. Thursday night (2/6/14) was our 2nd of 3 forums to draw attention to this problem that is leading to overdoses and deaths in our community. Parents, Educators, Social Workers, Former Addicts and concerned community members heard from Law Enforcement, Victims, Former Addicts, Parents and Prevention professionals. They learned about the issue, how to identify it, how to prevent it, and what they can do to help.

It was nine o’clock and we had just answered our last question for the question answer time. About 30 event attendees made their way to the stage. Looking to ask questions to the panel, seeking guidance and direction for their loved ones or themselves.

I spoke to a cop. A former addict. A dad. Then I spoke to her. She is a mother who dearly loves her son. So much that she has overlooked his addiction for a long time. She recalled the parents that had shared during the presentation and how they had spoken about tough love. Kicking their children out. Releasing them. Loving them from a distance.

The next thing she said is what caught me.

As she talked about ways that she could show tough love, and the checklist of enabling behaviors that had to go. She said….

“Tell me I can do it.”

I heard her but I didn’t really hear her. I looked blankly as she waited for a response. I quickly muttered, “what?”

“Tell me that I can do it.”

I was overcome with emotion. Her courage to be vulnerable and ask for the help she needed at that moment blew me away.

I quickly responded, YOU CAN DO IT!!

You can do it. You can do it. I believe in you. You are here to learn, you care, don’t question your motive or heart. You can do it.

She smiled. Stood tall. There was a confidence that I never thought 4 words could generate. But they did. She did not need to be told to do something. She needed to be told that she could do it. She needed verbal support.

Permission is not the topic, courage is. Stand up. Face your challenge. Having someone in your life that believes in you is great. However it is not enough. We need those people to speak up. If you believe in someone, please, tell them. Tell them that they can do it. Tell them they are worth it. Tell them that if they are nervous or afraid that you are there for them.

Next time you find yourself in a situation where you feel like you know what you need at that moment, ask for it. And if someone is brave enough to ask you, give them what they ask for.

Remember: You Can Do It

Adam Pederson

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