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Warped Tour - Day 6

So it was my plan to journal every night after our Vans Warped Tour dates, and as many of you know, we have been on the tour for the past week and I have not done such. So here we go! We simply want to give you an update of where we are, the many people we have had the privilege of meeting and the stories we encounter each day.

Today – July 30, 2016 – Salt Lake City UT

Today did not start as planned. We rolled out of bed, in hopes to be ready to set up in Salt lake City UT, only to find out we were in the middle of no where Wyoming…3.5 hours away from where we were supposed to be. Our normal routine has consisted of getting up, rolling off the bus, loading up our stuff and moving to our location on the venue. This morning our bus died, may the alternator forever rest in peace. We eventually got up and rolling, but were late to the venue and had to load in through the crowd of people.

I think the team and I set record timing in setting up our space, but were uncertain of if our location was good and if we would have much of any interaction with people. We were blown away, literally and figuratively, (it was a windy day) by the Salt Lake City crew. So many stories, of hurt, pain, agony, loss, abuse, mental illness, addiction, self-harm, self-worth, and need for someone to listen. I just want to say, we were listening today and are empathizing with you and the tough experiences you have overcome. I also want to say that you should be proud of yourself. You are so brave to have shared with us, but even more so, so courageous to keep going in this life.

You teach us and help us grow more than you will ever know.

A few shout outs –

  • To the girl, who was sexually assaulted and had a little boy due to, you are going to be the best mom ever. I am glad you are alive today, to see your son, but also to experience the good in this life.

  • To the boy who’s parents died, and is willing to share about that with others to help them, you are so brave. You are going to change this world, and truly be the person people need in their life. Thank you for inspiring us.

  • To the lady, who came to Warped Tour even with crippling anxiety, I am so proud of you. You amaze me, and although it is hard now, keep pushing yourself. You got this.

That is only a few of the many stories we have heard from you, we are honored to be a place where you can be heard and a place where you can share. Cannot wait to see what the next couple of days hold.

Much Love,


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