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Hello - From Me

Hey – My name is Laura and I am the Program Manager of Know the Truth. If you do not know who KTT is please pause, and take a moment to look through the home page to find out more about us….

Now that you know who KTT is, I, Laura, am taking over the blog over the next couple of days, weeks, months, years, who knows the timeline, but I am here to give you a little insight of what goes on in my head on a regular basis. Writing is something that I have always done, but have never shared with anyone. Maybe there is a fear of being vulnerable, a fear of judgement, or a fear of people believing that I am crazy, but TODAY I am going to start overcoming those fears.

The thing that is unique about me, is that every day I put forward a “vulnerable face”. I share and carry the story of my past with thousands of young people each year. My story of addiction, my story of depression, my story of suicide, my story of abuse, but most of all my story of overcoming. I am a warrior and have overcome a lot of pain, but that doesn’t mean that life is perfect. The memories, the pain, the hurt, the depression, still exist, and there are many days that I feel mentally insane, but I must keep going. I am about to let you in the vulnerable side of me, right here, right now, not my past, but my present.

Welcome to my mind, and all the inter workings that happen inside of it. I must forewarn you, there are days that will be hard to read. Days that will reflect what I have been through and days that will reflect what I am going through. There will be days filled with the hurt, anger and bitterness, but vice versa, days that are filled with joy, beauty and love. Be prepared for the ups and downs. Be prepared for the good, the bad and the ugly. Be prepared for the raw, non-sugar coated version of my life.

I hope that through these writings, one of three, if not all things happen. I hope you realize that you are not alone in the chaos of life, I hope that if you are not going through the challenges of life you rally for those who are or at least have a better understanding of the hells that they are going through, and/or I hope these writings encourage you to get real and vulnerable with yourself and others. I hope to inspire you to overcome your fears of being honest with yourself and others.

If along the way you have any questions or feel propelled to share with us at KTT, I would love to hear from you. The email is available to you, and is a safe place for you to ask all your questions, make comments or to share your life.

Looking forward to sharing with you!

From me, Laura

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