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Drugs Aren't Worth It

I’m Syd. I’m a 14 (soon to be 15) year old freshman at Cannon Falls high school, and this is my story.

I have been hoping for the last 10 years that my sister would get better. I’m still hoping. My sister is an alcoholic and drug addict. It’s terrible seeing the person you love the most struggle with substance abuse. All the DWI and DUI’s have ruined her life. The drugs ruined her life. It’s hard to even explain. All the times she came home to our dads house drunken and disoriented. All the times I lied for her so she would get yelled at by our dad. That really takes a lot out of a person. Drugs and alcohol aren’t cool or the new hip thing. They ruin people’s lives.

I myself have dealt with methods that aren’t very good to relieve what I go through. I used to self harm. It was pretty bad. I did that for two years before I finally realized how terrible it actually is. Scars will fade but they will forever be there. We all have methods in coping and mine were one of the worst ways. I almost killed myself.

I was in 7th grade when I met Know The Truth. I met Laura and a few other members of Know The Truth. When I listened to them talk about their struggles I knew that I wanted to be like them to speak out against drug use and alcoholism.

But I’m no angel. I remember going to a party at a guys house I barely knew with people that are at least 2 years older than me. They were smoking weed and drinking. The guy whose house it was, was on house arrest. Well they broke his bracelet off. We had to run through the country side so the cops wouldn’t catch the guys I had been running with, because they were on parole. I was cold, wet, and tired. I slept outside because we had no where to go. It wasn’t ‘fun’, it wasn’t ‘cool’, it was terrifying.

I’ve been asked numerous times if I wanted to go party or go drink but I always remind myself that the people asking me to do these things aren’t my friends. They are the opposite.

Every time someone asks me, I think back to what it has done to my sister. She started smoking weed when she was 13, she 29 now and I know it’s not weed she’s smoking anymore. She stick skinny. She snaps at any little thing and is always on edge. She says she’ll get better and I hope that she does but you can only do so much for someone who isn’t willing to quit. She’s been to rehab numerous times but never completes it. It’s terrible. You can’t help but fear that the next phone call could be the news that she overdosed again or died in a crash.

Drugs aren’t worth it.

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