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Stories of Summer

Now that summer is officially here and the past school year is now a distant memory. We want to take a moment a reflect on what our program accomplished over the past 10 months.

As a program we worked with more than 160 High Schools, Middle Schools and community organizations. Conducted over 1,400 presentation to more than 53,000 students. Our team of 4 staff, 3 interns and roughly 90+ volunteers we shared over 5,250 personal stories of addiction and recovery!

Storytelling is at the heart of our program. So you can imagine the past few weeks have been different for us. So we look for another way to share our program’s stories with you.

This summer we are launching a Video Project titled “Stories of Summer”

This project consists of 8 different episodes. Each episode will feature an individual that has struggled with addiction and now is in search of a new way to live. These people share the dark parts of their lives so that others know that they are not alone in their struggles. That HOPE exists! We hope that you enjoy this summer series and please share with anyone that you think it may encourage.

Episode One: Jered’s Story – “Momentum”

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