Dear Hudson

Last week our program spent the week in Hudson Wisconsin sharing our stories and presenting to students, teachers and parents. We were moved by this community. Here is our thank you letter…..

Dear Hudson,

Thank you. Thank you for allowing Know the Truth to visit your school Thank you for being…Willing. Excited. Honest. Grateful. Understanding. Compassionate. Patient. Sincere. Passionate. Awesome.

Last week was a memorable one for our program. We dedicated the majority of our staff and scheduling to your high school, middle school and community forum. One week in Hudson we conducted 25 presentations, spoke to 1,050+ students, 100+ parents, and drove more than 400 miles!

It was amazing. All of our speakers had a blast. We were amazed at how open you were and willing to share your personal experience with us. Talking about our addiction, mistakes, consequences and things we lost is not easy. However we know that from learning from our mistakes that others can learn to. That is why we share. Each presentation in the classrooms had great engagement and very thoughtful questions . The discussions we had in small groups were some of the most impactful ones that we have been a part of.

Some of you have been in the same place as us, and some of you haven’t. We want to encourage all of you! For those of you that have been there, remember there is hope, you can overcome the challenges and struggles. Follow our lead and face it head on, seek help, talk about it, YOUR story is important. For those of you that haven’t, keep up the hard work, remember that addiction can happen to anyone at any time, it is all about your choices and how you handle challenges.

To all the middle school students: Thank you for your energy and your eagerness to learn. Your questions and comments were amazing. You are all so smart and your futures are bright.

The assembly on Friday was incredible. Thank you for all the tweets and text messages. Some of you took a huge step that day and opened up about your addiction, depression and eating disorders. You are brave. You are beautiful. Remember you are not your struggles.

There were so many highlights that come to mind when we think of the time we spent with you. Here are a few of our speakers highlights:

Kallan: “Spending the time in small groups was awesome. Some of you were so open and willing to share your struggles. My highlight was at the parent event at the end when a dad stood up and thanked me for coming and sharing my story. His son had come home after school and shared with his dad about my story, and they talked about the subject for 30 min. When the dad shared that it gave me the chills. That is why I share my story.”

Laura: “I had a great time getting to know you through out the week and enjoyed more than anything hearing your stories and battle. I want to encourage every one to not lose their voice like we did. Your voices will never be lost if they continue to encourage and speak out over the current issues in your personal life and school like. Keep talking.”

Adam: “I enjoyed hearing your stories. The guy in small groups and opened up about just getting out of treatment. The young girl who shared about a family members addiction right in the middle of class. The person that texted in about struggles with self esteem and depression. Then to see other students come around them and encourage them was inspiring. You are all my heroes.”

Thank you once again. We look forward to the next time we visit your schools. If our presentations had an impact on you we would love to hear about it. Please email us at Remember you are not your pain, you are brave, and you deserve more than drugs or alcohol have to offer. Until next time

The KTT Team

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