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We are so excited to begin this adventure. First a little background. Know the Truth is a Substance Abuse Prevention Program that has been serving Minnesota since 2006. We are affiliated with Mn Adult & Teen Challenge, a short-term, long-term, in-patient and out-patient Treatment and Recovery Program.

Last year alone, KTT worked with over 150 schools and community organizations and spoke to more than 50,000 students. Our program utilizes a peer-to-peer format and works with the educators to reinforce the schools prevention curriculum.

Here is where I would normally go into great detail about our evidence based principles, program results, the stories we have heard over the years, the impact we have on students, our parent events and the teachers trainings. However, then I am not sure what our next blog post would be. So I will restrain myself.

As a program we are always looking for ways to improve, to provide helpful information to our partners and to reach just one more person. So here is that next thing.

This blog/website is going to consist of helpful information for parents, students and educators. It is going to be a place to share our findings, new and current drug trends, upcoming events, and of course the heart and soul of our classroom presentations, personal stories of addiction and recovery!

So hang out, look around, follow us, as we relate, connect and engage Minnesota. Building awareness of the dangers of substance abuse, and providing resources to individuals who are struggle or just need to share their story.



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