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"Know the Truth™ provided an up close and personal look at the harms of drugs and alcohol to our students. A look that was real and painful as it was delivered by same age peers who were willing to share their stories with our students."


Delano High School Principal


Delano High School


Know the Truth™ provided an up close and personal look at the harms of drugs and alcohol to our students. A look that was real and painful as it was delivered by same age peers who were willing to share their stories with our students.

Woodbury High School


I firmly believe that KTT presence has made a difference in our students. My job was made easier by having these stellar speakers on hand during the lesson. I cannot thank them enough for partnering with Woodbury High School. 


Apple Valley High School 

Health Teacher

They did an outstanding job of using a combination of humor and no-nonsense information about substance abuse while sharing their personal stories about addiction and recovery. Their experiences and the fact that so many students can relate to them leaves an impression that is different and in many ways more meaningful than what I can present in my role as a teacher.


Shakopee Junior High School 

Health Teacher 

At the end of each quarter, 99% of our students rate this presentation as their favorite day of health. Parents have contacted me to tell me how much the stories have impacted their child. This program is the best thing we have implemented into our health class because it makes the consequences of substance use realistic like no other activity or curriculum can. 


North Lakes Academy 

Health Teacher 

One of our students is currently in treatment due to meth use. Treatment occurred due to hearing Know the Truth™. I personally want to thank all of you for saving her life! She didn’t want to come to the discussion, but did... Thank you for your passion for the kids!


Fridley High School 

Health Teacher 

Thank you very much for coming and sharing your lives with the students at Fridley High School. It is so important that students hear your message. I know all my students keep telling themselves it is only alcohol, weed or whatever and they can handle it. They need to know how a life slowly goes out of control. Your sincerity and realism came through today. I really appreciate it. Also extend a thank you to Teen Challenge for making this program FREE. This is an important message. 


Prior Lake High School 

12th Grade 

It was very good. It is a much more intense experience when one can hear the real life stories of people who have struggled with addictions. It allows a connection to form when you know there are people like you who know what it’s like to struggle and overcome huge problems. 

Central Junior High School 

8th Grade

I loved this presentation! I thank you for it. Now I’ve learned what will come my way if I don’t stop my habits. Thank you so much! It has really made me change inside showing me drugs are not what I want. Now I know what I want. I loved the presentation and speakers. Thank you, I believe this will change my life!

Nicollet Junior High School 

8th Grade

It was good, I learned a lot. It makes me want to change the choices I’ll be making. I don’t want to end up in a bad life. I want to be successful. Ya’ll were great!

Anoka High School 

11th Grade

I used marijuana before I heard the presentation, but it has stopped me from using since then. It made me realize how serious all my choices are. (Based off the long term survey.)


Monticello High School 

10th Grade

I really liked the presentation! It really made me think of the future and that this could all happen to me at any moment. I liked that they interacted with the group and shared their stories. 

Eden Prairie High School 

As a parent I deal with fears and guilt and it was comforting that I could hear tips and hope and see that I am not the only one who deals with this. I am glad for the written information you provided also.

Bloomington Jefferson High School 

Really important that everyone’s story was so different. This reinforced the fact that addiction can happen to anyone! Good flow of information and use of statistics. I’m very glad that I made the time to be here (at a community forum) tonight. Important information for parents.

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