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90% of adults struggling with Substance Use Disorder started experimenting with drugs and alcohol before the age of 18.

The Know the Truth™ program is a substance use prevention program geared towards high school and middle school students. It is operated by the Mn Prevention & Recovery Alliance and funded through a combination of private donations and public grants.

Through the use of evidence-based, interactive learning and role-playing methods, our Know the Truth™ prevention advocates engage and educate students to increase their awareness of the physical, emotional, and intellectual dangers of drug and alcohol use. An independent 2018 study found that the Know the Truth program drove significant increases in students' establishing healthy attitudes towards substances and substance use.

KTT presentations can be tailored to the needs of your school or organization; we will work with you to address concerns or issues most relevant for your local school and community.

The Know the Truth™ program examines topics such as alcohol, marijuana, e-cigarettes and other tobacco products, prescription pills, methamphetamine, heroin, fentanyl, and cocaine. While prevention advocates address the dangers of drug and alcohol use, they also discuss risk factors that may increase the likelihood of youth substance use and protective factors that may decrease the likelihood of youth substance use. All presentations are administered by trained prevention advocates; these young men and women have all, in the past, struggled with substance use and related mental health topics; consequently, they are able to connect and relate with students on a level that few others can achieve.

KTT continued operating throughout the pandemic, providing both in-classroom and virtual presentations.  During the 2021/2022 school year, our prevention team partnered with 200+ Minnesota high schools, middle schools, and community organizations; we brought "the truth about substance use" to nearly 40,000 students throughout our state.

Know the Truth Youth Peer Support Groups

The Know the Truth™ Prevention Program (KTT) is addressing the need for increased chemical health support by partnering with schools across Minnesota to provide Youth Peer Support Services in addition to a full continuum of prevention services.

To learn more about our Youth Peer Support Groups, visit our Youth Peer Support Services Page.

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