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Preventing youth substance use is not just a city problem, a public school problem, a single parent household problem, this is a community problem. The Know the Truth™ Prevention Program is committed to bringing the community together to engage, invest, educate and empower teens towards a healthy future


Each year we partner with attorneys, sheriffs, police officers, county officials, school administration and community resources to bring our adult presentations to communities across Minnesota. These free events are a unique opportunity for parents, teachers and concerned individuals to hear from experts in the field of prevention and youth substance use.


The more we learn about youth substance use the more equipped we are as adults to react to their use in responsible and helpful ways. Attendees can expect to receive updated and evidence based information on:


  • Current drug trends and warning signs

  • Ways to intervene and when it's necessary

  • Updates from local law enforcement and school administration

  • How to get connected with other local organizations who offer services for treatment & mental health

  • Tools to creating a healthy conversation about drugs and alcohol


For information on hosting an event in your community, check out the events page for upcoming events in your area.


"What a great seminar! Well organized and a lot of information to process, it gave me the desire to be a life-long learner!"
- Know the Truth
 Conference Attendee 

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