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The Know The Truth™ Prevention Program utilizes evidence-based practices by implementing risk assessments, providing education on the impacts of substance use, and administering survey evaluations.


We use a peer-to-peer, interactive approach facilitated by prevention advocates who are close in age to the students. These trained prevention advocates share targeted information about substance use, address common misconceptions of drugs and alcohol, and discuss healthy coping methods and life-skills.


Our team relates with students on a personal level while covering topics ranging from real-life stories to mental health, peer pressure, and family influences. This creates an environment for open and honest dialogue, resulting in a change in students' attitudes toward substance use, including opioids, marijuana, alcohol, and vaping among others. In addition, we offer a resource guide so students have access to more support if needed. 

Our Know the Truth™ prevention program has established strong relationships with Minnesota schools over the past 15 years. Since 2006, we have partnered with 300 middle schools and high schools to lead 14,000+ presentations and connect with 543,000+ students.   


We measure impact through student surveys, teacher surveys, and through student engagement with our 24/7 text hotline.  In addition, an independent 2018 study found that the Know the Truth program drove significant increases in students' awareness of the physical, emotional and intellectual dangers of substance use, and drove significant increases in students'  having healthy attitudes toward drugs and alcohol.

The Know the Truth™ program is funded by public grants and private donations. If you'd like to donate to our cause so that we may be able to reach more students, please visit our "Donate" page. 

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